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1000 watt led grow lights

Most of us question ourselves before getting anything and why shouldn’t we? When you’re paying for something, you should be able to attain the most from it. So is the case with LED Grow Lights.

LED Grow Lights are becoming insanely popular with Urban farmers who love new, quirky techniques for farming. They provide highly significant benefits. While having distinct features and a handful of advantages over traditional lighting systems, they are also great keeping in mind global warming is a major threat. Here’s why you should consider to switch to 1000 watt led grow lights:

1. More light while giving out less heat: LED grow Lights provide a considerable amount of light while giving out much lesser heat which makes them a viable choice for plants.

2. Multiple Designs with endless Possibilities: Best thing about 1000 watt led grow lights is that you can choose from huge lights to smaller ones to suit the coverage area of your garden.

3.Power Savings: They can cut the cost and cost a lot lesser than traditional HPS Lamps.

4. Longer Lifespan: They can last for about 50,000-100,000 hours on an average, much longer than the traditional HID.

5. Easy switching between modes: You can easily switch them on and off instantly and also, switch between different modes to suit your plant’s needs and can be dimmed, if required.

6. Lesser heat output: They provide lesser heat output, thus reducing the risk of fire.

7. Sturdy, Robust build: The LED grow lights emit light faster and are quite hefty physically which makes them perfect for indoor farming. Another feature is that they’re quite shock resistant.

8. Higher Yield: The yield is considerably more and healthy. You can even keep a closer eye on the crops and maintain them with ease.

9. Uniform plant growth: The plant growth is uniform keeping in mind the light source will remain stable and provide equal light to every plant.

10. Low area requirement: You don’t need a large area to grow your plants, you can use an area as small as you like to grow them.